CRL / NHBC Structural Defects Insurance

All of our new development projects are sold with a 10 year structural warranty against building defects and any latent defects in design, workmanship, material or components. This means all of our purchasers can rest assured that our properties have been built and are maintained to the highest standards. Our main warranty providers are CRL and NHBC.

With our developments being covered, the advantages are passed on to the prospective purchasers in the form of structural repair cost savings, peace of mind and also mortgage approvals.

Most UK mortgage lenders insist on structural defects insurance from a recognised provider before lending on any property under 10 years old, with our cover thus increasing the buyers chances of obtaining a mortgage. Furthermore, with inspections from qualified construction professionals throughout the build phase, our customers can purchase a new home with the certainty that Blakeney Estates have built every aspect of the property in line with the required high standards.

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